Betsy Burroughs

Innovation Consultant / Focus Catalyst

"Marlene's unique perspective and background in art, design and filmmaking fundamentally transformed my thinking about my entire business. That resulted in a killer TEDx presentation she helped me develop and a new website she designed that I absolutely love. Especially valuable was her high-level strategic thinking and the brainstorming we did at the beginning of the process. Time and again I would say, "Wow. I hadn't thought of it that way. That's a great way to go or a great way to communicate what I want to say."

Holly Stiel

President / Thank You Very Much, Inc

In 2007, I contracted Marlene to help me create a custom design for my website. We have been collaborating since then and our relationship has grown exponentially. In addition to considering Marlene my Webmaster, she has become my strategic partner. I have come to rely on her for numerous aspects of website design, development and management; social media marketing; newsletter design and editing; moral support; peace of mind and business advice. She has contributed to the growth of my business and online community. In the entertainment industry, Marlene would be considered a triple threat (someone who can sing, dance and act). She is amazing at bringing my thoughts to life with her multidisciplinary skills: design, writing, editing, strategic thinking, project management, research and social media expertise. Besides her many talents, Marlene possesses three of the most important qualities one desires in any business relationship. She asks questions, is a stellar listener, and most importantly, I trust her to represent me to the world in the best possible light. If you work with Marlene, I guarantee you will fill your life with my 4 favorite words: Thank You Very Much!

Gene Weinbeck

Owner / FundRaiser Sotftware

"Marlene has been a miracle (more then one person in our company has called her that). With her help, we are through the roadblock in our website work. Her talented facilitation, web architect savvy, and sense of design made the work fun, the process smooth, and the outcome meet our demanding standards!"

Allison Woodruff

Series Producer / PBS Affiliate Stations

“Marlene came to me with an idea to do a micro-documentary on why I, and another woman, chose to dedicate so much of our energies to learning and teaching the art of belly dance. She impressed me with her strong and unique ability to manage all aspects of the production. From conception to completion, she produced the story with insight, skill, passion, humor, authority and artistic integrity. I appreciate and respect her keen visual and auditory sense. Her works are works of art themselves."

William Mehojah

Director / Bureau of Indian Affairs/Office of Indian Education Programs

"The website is both attractive and tells the story of our very complex mission and organization in an engaging and human way—a standard which you insisted on. You were persistent in ensuring that we did the work and that we did it well. Your ability to laugh along with us, as we worked, demonstrates your depth of character and commitment to see the job through to the end. As we flipped and flopped in our vision for what the site should be you stood fast, holding on to a vision quality and clarity."

Kate Powers

Director / Spirit at Work

"Marlene is a highly talented and skilled artist, communicator, and facilitator. She has done an exceptional job managing this project for us, and has gracefully done the "impossible": bridge the technical world with the world of art and beauty. I, and hundreds of others, are eternally indebted to her vision, patience, and healing sense of humor."